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YAMASHITA DENSO does not choose the market.We listen to the needs of our customers.We are the light makers which we can make with custom tailoring and provide the most suitable light. We made a new product with our customers engaged in advanced technology, research and development while making full use of a source of light / power supply technology. YAMASHITA DENSO lights up our customer’s necessary light.


Solar simulator

Using a high-pressure xenon lamp as a light source, irradiate the measurement sample with light with an irradiation intensity of 1 SUN with a spectral distribution similar to sunlight (AM 1.5 G) received on the ground.

Surface defect inspection system

It is a system that can inspect the surface condition of specular planar substrate instantaneously with ultra-high sensitivity, applying the principle of a magic mirror transmitted from long ago, and is used by silicon wafer manufacturers all over the world.

Fiber light source

Z-Cure Hypercure Xenon Fiber light source(XFL)

UV spot light source

It is a light source to cure and dry ultraviolet curable resin · ink etc. Since the lamp uses a high-power mercury xenon lamp and the IR wavelength is cut, it does not give rise to heat rays to the object to be irradiated.

Other light source equipment

Indoor light simulator, Halogen light source, Light source for spectroscope

Power supply equipment

Constant Irradiance and constant current power supply for xenon lamp, Constant power battery for mercury xenon lamp


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