Yamashita Denso Co., Ltd., based on his experiences as a technician cultivated by his father Masaaki Yamashita at the time of enrolling at weather related manufacturers and industrial equipment trading companies, wants to develop and provide useful products to the world Originally founded in 1972. OEM supply to major manufacturers of highly stabilized power supply is the starting point.

Based on the findings obtained from the development of the highly stabilized power supply, we began to develop light source equipment as soon as possible in order to respond to the detailed needs of universities, research institutions, companies’ research and development departments and so on.
Employees at the time were proud of offering products that are useful for research by well-known famous universities and national institutions, and products that contribute to productivity improvement of large companies and evaluation of products, awaiting their daily development There was.

The spirit is still handed down to many employees.
Rather than easily refusing the offer of a particular angle because it becomes a special specification and technological diversion in another does not seem to be effective or it is unlikely that it will be able to obtain sufficient profit, there is no room to respond to the demand by our hand Is it? Can it be realized by combining it with other technology? It is not uncommon for long discussion. When entering such a circle of discussions between employees, it will make me happy that the soul of a technician from the start of the company will be healthy.
Because of this challenging spirit, we believe that Yamashita Denso has been able to produce products that are not in the world, and that I will hand it over to the next generation without fail without my mission.

Although it has been highly appreciated for the development of one article for research and development departments at universities and research institutes and companies, it is also true that there is bias in the ordering time. It is essential to keep the business stable for a long period of time throughout the year, and we must actively work on product creation and sales routes that regularly calculate sales.
We will focus on the sale of light source equipment including solar simulator overseas (especially Asian region) based on our own optical technology. In addition, we intend to challenge boldly as a light expert also in growth fields such as medicine and aerospace / biotechnology that have not been involved.

We are proud that we have survived as a light source equipment maker for over 40 years with the goal of “lasting”, and we will work hard together with all of our employees to be a company that will be loved by customers and business partners for a long time in the future. Humbly thank you for your constant patronage.

代表取締役社長 山下 昌彦


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