solar simulator



IV measuring instrument, various stages, reference cell, spectral- radiometer etc, accessories are available.

Product features

  • 1IV measurement system
  • It is a system essential for IV measurement of solar cell. Can be attached to each solar simulator. (Long pulse type and middle pulse type are included in the equipment)
  • 2Cooling thermostat plate
  • Cool the measurement sample by circulating cooling water. It corresponds to desired area.
  • 3Measurement stand with jack (sample stand)
  • The irradiation distance from the lens hood is determined for each solar simulator. Can be used for accurate measurement of samples
  • 4Irradiance checker
  • It is a simple irradiance checker used for 1 SUN adjustment. (The Irradiance checker is rather a simple thing. If you need accurate adjustment, we recommend purchasing reference cell. In case of considering reference cell purchase, consult us.
  • 5Spectral -Radiometer
  • High speed type precision spectral radiator “SAIKO” It is a radiometer which can also be used for pulsed light.

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