solar simulator

Highly approximation type solar simulator


It is a high performance solar simulator that has a spectrum highly similar to sunlight which eliminates infrared spike by using two light sources (xenon lamp and halogen lamp) as light source.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)installed

Product features

  • 1Very high spectrum matches.
  • 2There is no change in irradiation spectrum at irradiance adjustment
  • 3It is easy to maintain when replacing the lamp, and it
    has high reproducibility even after replacing the lamp
Model Tandem system
Effective irradiation area □ 50 mm – □ 155 mm
Performance Class AAA for each standard in JIS C 8912, C 8933, C 8942, IEC / EN.60904-9, ASTM – E 927.
  • Spectral match: Class A
  • Temporal Instability: Class A
  • Non-unifomity of Irradiance : Class A
  • ※ The degree of spectral matching of standard products is within ± 10% in JIS C 8912, C 8933.
  • ※ If you wish to Class MS (JIS C 8942), we will manufacture it by custom order
JIS standard (JIS C 8912, C 8933)
JIS Class Class MS Class A(MA) Class B Class C
Spectral match 0.95-1.05 0.75-1.25 0.6-1.4 0.4-2.0
Non-unifomity of Irradiance within ± 2% 2% or less ±3% or less ±10% or less
Temporal Instability 1% or less 1% or less ±3%or less ±10% or less
  • JIS C8912:結晶系太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ
  • JIS C8933:アモルファス太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ
  • JIS C8942:多接合太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ
YSS solar simulator Specification list
型式 有効照射面積 スペクトル合致度 JISC894合致度 放射照度場所むら 放射照度時間変動率
YSS-T50A 50mm X 50mm ±10%以内 ±20%以内 ±2%以内 ±0.5%以内
YSS-T80A 80mm X 80mm ±10%以内 ±20%以内 ±2%以内 ±0.5%以内
YSS-T155A 155mm X 155mm ±10%以内 ±20%以内 ±2%以内 ±0.5%以内

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