solar simulator

Highly collimated Solar Simulator


Highly collimated Solar Simulator is designed for evaluating CPV module requiring highly collimated light close to sunlight. The irradiation area and parallelism of the equipment are manufactured according to your request.

Product features

  • 1It can be manufactured within ± 0.5 to 1 degree of high collimation.
    (Parallelism of the standard type is ± 1.5 ° to ± 3.5 °)
  • 2All light within the wavelength range from 350 nm to 1100 nm is collimated
    within ± 1 °. There is almost no variation in light parallelism depending on the wavelength.
  • 3Performance is Class AAA or more (same as standard type)
  • 4Adjusting the optical axis when replacing the lamp can be
    done easily and safely without turning on the lamp.
  • 5With the use of the condenser lens unit, it is possible to use a
    high parallel type 1 SUN solar simulator and a concentrating solar simulator in a single unit
JIS standard(JIS C8912,C8933)
JIS standard Class A Class B Class C
Spectral Match 0.75-1.25 0.6-1.4 0.4-2.0
Non-unifomity of irradiance ±2% within ±3% within ±10% within
Temporal Instability ±1% within ±3% within ±10% within
  • JIS C8912:結晶系太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ
  • JIS C8933:アモルファス太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ

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