solar simulator

Temperature and humidity testing chambers integrated type solar simulator


The temperature of the measurement sample in the thermostatic chamber can be kept constant, and it can be used for more precise R & D. For research on temperature characteristics, for cooling samples with a high irradiance solar simulator

Product features

  • 1The temperature inside the thermostatic chamber can be set freely.
  • 2Temperature and humidity type.
  • 3It can also be used for cooling samples.
  • 4It can be attached to the concentrating type and the highly approximated type.
Model With thermostatic chamber
Setting temperature range We have various kinds of thermostat chamber, so please contact us.
Performance Class AAA for each standard according to JIS C 8912, C 8933, IEC / EN.60904-9, ASTM – E 927.
  • Spectral match: Class A
  • Temporal Instability: Class A
  • Non-unifomity of Irradiance : Class A
  • ※Depends on the performance of the solar simulator.
  • There are also models that can not be attached due to area and irradiation intensity. In that case, we can respond by installing a cooling constant temperature plate, so please contact us
JIS規格(JIS C8912,C8933)
JIS等級 等級A 等級B 等級C
照射照度場所ムラ ±2%以内 ±3%以内 ±10%以内
照射照度時間変動率 ±1%以内 ±3%以内 ±10%以内
スペクトル合致度 0.75-1.25 0.6-1.4 0.4-2.0
  • JIS C8912:結晶系太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ
  • JIS C8933:アモルファス太陽電池測定用ソーラシミュレータ

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