Fiber light source

Z-Cure UV-IR spot light source


The ultimate curing system. No surface tack with surprise single exposure! Ultraviolet irradiation UV curing and infrared irradiation curing are possible with one unit (Patent Registered No. 6108257) Easy recipe creation for irradiation wavelength, light quantity and irradiation time control with touch panel All-round player ideal for research and development · mass production line.

Product features

  • 1UV, IR, UV-NT, manual, auto selective irradiation of three types of light
  • 2Surface tack removable with single exposure. First adopted special light (UV-NT)
  • 3Easy program setting allows anyone to control the
    irradiation wavelength, light quantity and irradiation time
  • 4Light intensity can be steplessly adjusted from maximum
    Irradiance to 0 illuminance (with Irradiance display function)
  • 5Touch panel greatly enhances operability / versatility
  • 6Optical axis adjustment is unnecessary when replacing
    the lamp, shortest downtime, strong ally for the field
Irradiation wavelength Three wavelength bands of UV, IR, UV-NT
Irradiance Continuous variable
Irradiated area Φ3 mm to φ 10 mm (Option: Change irradiation diameter by changing lens unit)
Irradiation time Optional setting
Touch panel, shutter function, quartz fiber 1 m (standard)
Luminometer for output calibration (option, please contact us)
* We will manufacture irradiation wavelength area, irradiation area, fiber length etc according to your request.

Curing step without surface tack
Micro / microspot thermal curing
Adhesion of metal – metal, metal – glass
Fixed inside of parts by IR
Adhesion where ultraviolet rays can not be used
Step of using all resin curing of UV curing / heat curing / hybrid curing resin

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